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Pura Vida - Card Linked
Pura Vida - Card Linked
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Pura Vida - Card Linked

Founded in Costa Rica, Pura Vida provides sustainable jobs to over 800 artisans worldwide and has raised over $3.5 Million for charity with beautifully crafted jewelry, apparel and accessories that give back. Please visit Pura Vida
Offer expires 12/31/22. Not all Mastercard, American Express and Visa cards are
eligible for this Program. Without limitation, Visa Buxx, Flexible Spending Account
(FSA) Visa cards, EBT Visa cards and other Visa-branded cards whose transactions are
not processed through the Visa U.S.A. payment system are not eligible to participate.
Not all transactions made with your registered card (including PIN-based
transactions, payment through a third-party digital wallet or payment app) can be
monitored for eligibility to earn rewards. When using a debit card, please carry out a
signature-debit transaction. Do not use a PIN when making purchases if you want the
transaction to be applied towards your offer completion.