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Dr. Schulze’s - Card Linked

Dr. Schulze’s - Card Linked
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Dr. Schulze’s - Card Linked

Someone asked Dr. Schulze the other day if his company or he had a mission statement, and he said, "I don't need one". What is the mission of Dr. Schulze’s Revolution? The mission is YOU! Dr. Schulze started his investigation into Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine because he was dying. The medical doctors said he would be dead over 40 years ago, and he used what he learned to save his life, so you can bet that he is VERY PASSIONATE about what he does. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Schulze decided to study more and eventually teach what he learned so he could help others to heal themselves. This is HIS PASSION, and it is what HE KNOWS and WHAT HE DOES BEST, so he is VERY PASSIONATE about Natural Healing! So when he say "My Mission is You", what he mean is that being a doctor, well, he has ONE GOAL, and that goal is: You healing yourself of any disease using natural methods; creating powerful health and then maintaining that health. That is his goal and that is his mission and that is what this whole revolution is all about. You wouldn't think that this would be such a rare commodity these days, but in this world of modern medicine with medical doctors, drugs, and hospitals, to them, a patient cured is money lost. This is why a better name for modern health care would actually be disease maintenance, which is really what the practice of medicine is. After all, no one ever healed their diabetes by taking insulin or healed their bad backs with painkillers. Dr. Schulze has spent over 40 years investigating Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine, he has spent over 30 years teaching it, and his clinic spanned three decades where he helped tens of thousands of patients heal themselves. He has never forgotten even for one minute why he is doing this—what his focus is and what his goal is—and it is YOU!
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