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Here is the How it works
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How it works

  1. Register Card: Click the “Register my cards” button, below. You can register up to ten eligible cards and the Card-Linked Offers will be automatically linked to your eligible card.
  2. Browse offers: Check out the deals on our Card-Linked Offers page.
  3. Go shopping: Start shopping with your registered cards at our select participating retailers.
  4. Earn points: You will automatically earn points after making a qualified/qualifying purchase at one of our Card-Linked Offers stores.

Sign in to register a card


Quick tips to ensure you earn points on every TrueBlue Shopping card linked offers qualified/qualifying purchase:

  • Link your favorite bank card under your "My Cards" section. You can add more than one eligible card.
  • Browse the available Card-Linked Offers store you know where to earn when you spend. 
  • Make sure to use one of your linked cards when you spend at the participating store.  
  • To earn with your debit card be sure to use it as a credit card by signing your receipt instead of entering your PIN.
  • Your points will automatically post to your account after your transaction is cleared through your bank.
  • More questions? Check out our FAQs.